Let’s beat cancer – The MC21 Campaign

PROJECT 4 : Let's overtake cancer with Big Data

The development of digital technology over the last 20 years has brought health care into the "Age of Big Data". With its internationally renowned research center and a leading hospital group that produces huge amounts of data every day, Institut Curie is a leader in the use of Big Data in the fight against cancer.
10M €
needed to collect and use scientific and medical data for the benefit of patients

By cross-referencing as much data as possible, from the genome of patients to the data recorded by smart objects, we will soon be able to define treatments and support that are truly personalized for each patient.

Xosé Fernandez, Chief Data Officer

Institut Curie is the first center in France to have recruited a Chief Data Officer in 2017. His mission is to set up the Institute's global database, which is populated by the research center and the hospital group. This database and its ethical charter of use will become a major development tool for research teams but also a very valuable support for practitioners in the diagnosis, personalization of treatments, and follow-up of patients.

Big Data Project

Institut Curie's database will in particular allow us to:

  • Collect and make the results of the research carried out by all the teams available for use
  • Continue to map cancer types and known responses to treatments to support practitioners in their diagnosis and treatment choices
  • Improve post-treatment follow-up and prevent relapse thanks to data collected by smart objects and input provided by patients themselves via monitoring applications



- Acceleration of research thanks to Artificial Intelligence

- Improvement of treatments through precision medicine

- Improvement of international information sharing

- Optimization of the patient journey