Let’s beat cancer – The MC21 Campaign

PROJECT 1 : Let's build a unique platform for innovation in radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is currently one of the standard treatments for localized tumors and concerns more than half of cancer patients. Nevertheless, it still faces two major challenges: the resistance of certain tumors and long-term side effects.
5,2M €
needed to finance putting up the building and installing the research teams

Developing innovation in radiotherapy means understanding tumor resistance mechanisms, adapting radiation procedures to tumor genetics, modulating the effects of radiation with targeted therapies and increasing its precision thanks to imaging techniques.

Philip Poortmans, Head of the Oncological Radiotherapy Department


This project will take the form of the construction, on the site of Institut Curie's protontherapy center, of a 1380m2 building dedicated to experimentation in radiotherapy (MC21-RadexP) that can host internal and external researchers from French and international institutions. This building will bring together high-tech facilities and medical, biological, and physical expertise under one roof to assess, measure, and compare the effects of different types of radiation. It will host promising projects with the aim of developing clinical applications for the benefit of patients as quickly as possible. Thanks to the deflection of the proton beam, a room dedicated to experimentation will also be built.



  • Faster application of innovations in the clinical setting
  • Development of new drugs to sensitize tumors to radiation therapy and new combinations of treatments
  • Development of new irradiation methods to increase their precision


Infographie Radexp


  • Accelerating the transfer of innovation to patient treatment
  • Developping new radiosensitive drugs and discovering new treatments
  • Developping new methods of irradiation in order to increase it precision