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Every day in France, 1,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. Diagnostic and therapeutic advances now allow a majority of patients with the disease to recover.

The strength of Institut Curie lies in its ability to bring scientific discovery quickly from the laboratory to the patient's bedside. Inspired by Marie Curie, the institute’s research to care continuum is what will enable us to keep our promise: to beat cancer.

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Early diagnosis, efficient treatment and good care. Staying at the forefront of innovation. These are our commitments. Together with you, we will stand by them. It is only by coming together that we will achieve our goal: beating cancer.

Pr. Thierry Philip, Président du Directoire de l'Institut Curie

Investment needed for Institut Curie to become a world-classe Comprehensive Cancer Center and have full ability to beat cancer
essential innovative projects in need of funding
what we lack to bring off these projects by 2021

A total of €21 million is still needed to finance three essential lines of action included in the strategy of the MC21 project:

  • to develop innovative and personalized treatments through research
  • to exceed an 80% cure rate for children
  • to deploy Big Data instruments that will help us win the race against cancer

The four resulting projects will not be possible without your support.

2017 kicks off with a new fundraising campaign: the MC21 campaign. The objective will be to fund these four projects, which form the cornerstone of Institut Curie's response to the challenges of 21st-century oncology.

Make a difference by committing your support and help us deliver on our promise to beat cancer

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