Let’s beat cancer – The MC21 Campaign

PROJECT 3 : Let's cure more than 80% of children - SIREDO

Today, in France, cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children and teenagers. Nearly 2,500 of them are affected by cancer every year. 1,700 are under 15 years old. Cancers in children and teenagers are considered as rare diseases for which there is an urgent need to develop research and treatment.
3,6M €
needed to set up the platform within the hospital on rue d'Ulm in Paris

More than 80% of children are cured. This is better than 30 years ago, but still not enough: new strategies must be found for children who are not being treated successfully and the toxicity of treatments must be reduced. This progress requires an understanding of cancer biology.

Olivier Delattre, Director of SIREDO

Thanks to advances in research, the cure rate for children has risen from 5% in the 1950s to 80% in the 1990s. This percentage is no longer increasing and still 20% of children with cancer do not survive. For them, research must find new treatments and new approaches. Among the 80% of children cured, too many suffer from functional or cognitive impairments. It is now urgent to improve diagnoses in order to adapt treatments to each child and thus preserve their future.

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Setting up the center will allow us:

  • To recruit new researchers to open up new avenues of fundamental and translational research on cancers that have no treatment yet.
  • To ensure optimal coordination and seamless workflow at all stages of the development of new treatments. Young patients will be offered new treatments more quickly.



  • Development of new research projects
  • Design of new therapeutic models
  • Development of less aggressive and more efficient treatments
  • Improvement of children's quality of life during and after treatment