Let’s beat cancer – The MC21 Campaign
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Research urgently needs to be stepped up

Every day in France, 1,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. Diagnostic and therapeutic advances now allow a majority of patients with the disease to recover.

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Don't hesitate to contact us to find out how you or your company can get involved in the MC21 campaign. Contact person: Caroline Giboulet, Major Donor Manager 01 56 24 55 21 / 07 76 57 14 27 / caroline.giboulet@curie.fr

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385 000 nouveaux cas de cancer

en 2015 en France

1 sur 2
une personne sur deux guérie

chiffres 2015 en France

2500 enfants et adolescents touchés

par un cancer chaque année, dont 20% ne survivent pas